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America's Toughest Dog

July 20, 2020

This is Drogo.

On May, 23 he was attacked by something, hogs or coyotes we think.

He was incredibly injured, severely swollen, and terribly infected. Along with all of his external injuries he developed peritonitis, a life-threatening abdominal infection.

Cultures showed Drogo's infection was from a very resistant bacterium and only one family of antibiotics was effective against this infection. This antibiotic is often toxic to the kidneys. As we started the antibiotic, Drogo's kidney values climbed to the point we had to discontinue this medication, as it was destroying his kidneys - the medication he needed was killing him.

During this process, Drogo did not eat a meal for 60 days. Throughout the process I continued to treat Drogo, knowing that his prognosis was poor, but when his kidneys began failing even I gave up hope.

I informed his owner that I believed he would not get better. But, the owners had faith and we continued on.

I am proud to say I was wrong and Drogo is doing great. He healed, gained weight, and best of all his kidney values are almost normal and still improving. He is playful and hungry. I have never seen an animal, as sick as Drogo was, survive. He gets my vote as America's Toughest Dog.