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AMR Veterinary - Coronavirus Updates

March 16, 2020


We are keeping an eye on the current situation with the Coronavirus. As the situation develops, we will re-evaluate and inform our clients as soon and as best we can.

Our priority, as always, is providing exceptional and trustworthy veterinary care as long as we can continue to do so, given there is no immediate danger. Until stated otherwise, Abshier-Meuth Animal Hospital and our associate offices will operate under normal business hours.

In saying that, we have heavily increased our disinfection routines to keep our clients and staff safe. We are following CDC and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) protocols. Countertops, door handles, pens, benches, and other surfaces open to public use, are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, as often as possible.

Staff members have been advised to take extra precautions with personal hygiene and sanitation practices. Staff members who are running fever or feeling ill in any way are required to remain at home for 14 days.

We will be implementing our "Curbside Service". Clients that are not feeling well, been out of the country, or have been sick, we ask please remain in your vehicles. We will send staff out to obtain your pet and bring them back to the car. You may also request this service if you wish to take extra precaution.

Refills and payments can be taken over the phone and those items (like medications, food, heartworm and flea medication, etc.) can be brought out to the vehicle as necessary, or if requested.

No personal items will be allowed for pets staying with us like, blankets, toys, leashes, etc. Please clean your carriers, leashes, and collars as carefully as possible with an alcohol-based solution before visiting us at the clinic.

Thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. We will continue to keep you all informed as news and information develops for our area.

Updates will be available on our Facebook page.

In the instance we do close (or for any potential emergency situation) the Airvet app comes in handy! You are able to FaceTime or video chat with an available doctor 24/7! And the first call is FREE!

Our emergency page also has local clinics that may be able to help you. Please be kind and call any of these locations before heading there, as their procedures, protocols, and hours may have changed.

Coronavirus Update - 3/17/2020

We will now be implementing a maximum capacity for the lobby area.

Clients will be asked to wait in their vehicles to keep our crowd numbers at a minimum. *Remember* you may also give us a call when you arrive to be checked in from your vehicle.

Please be patient as all the changes are to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible.

Coronavirus Update - 3/20/2020

We are now following a very strict capacity limit to help keep everyone safe during this time.

Please call when you arrive (281-383-3254), we will get you checked in, and go to your vehicle to collect your pet.

We also ask if you need any products you please give us a call and we will bring them to your vehicle

For any concerns about our protocol feel free to give us a call ahead of time, or ask your receptionist during your check-in call.

Coronavirus Update - 3/22/2020

As promised, we are keeping a close watch on all COVID-19 announcements.

To keep clients and staff as safe as we can, we will no longer allow clients to enter the building for appointments or purchases. We will now only operate with Curbside Service. This will also be implemented at Animal Medical Center of Baytown and Barbers Hill Animal Hospital.

Please remain in your vehicle.

Give us a call at 281-383-3254.

Let the receptionist know the details of your visit and the make, model, and color of your vehicle.

We thank everyone for their cooperation. We pray everyone stays safe and healthy during this time.

We will e postponing all elective procedures. If you have any questions regarding procedures that have been scheduled, please give us a call.

Coronavirus Update - 4/6/2020

We will not resume scheduling elective surgeries for patients i.e. spay, neuter, routine stage 1 dental, etc. until 4/21/2020 per Governor Abbott's latest update on the ban.

Please give us a call and ask your receptionist any questions you have regarding your appointment.

Coronavirus Update - 4/8/2020 from Dr Meuth

Update on COVID-19 and Companion Animals

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is not aware of any companion animals being positive in the U.S. A tiger apparently tested positive in a New York City zoo. The CDC is aware of a very small number of animals apparently testing positive outside of the U.S.

The CDC does not have evidence that companion animals (i.e. pets) can spread COVID-19. It is presumed that COVID-19 might survive on the fur of a pet (just as it could on human hands) so personal hygiene is paramount.

Coronavirus Update - 5/4/2020