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Specialty Diets and Heart Disease in Dogs

Some time ago veterinarians were noticing an increase in a specific heart disease, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), in dogs fed specialty diets. This increase in DCM wasn’t noticed in typical breeds that get DCM due to genetics – mainly giant breeds like Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Doberman Pinchers or Boxers. These new cases were in dog breeds that do not get DCM. Ultimately, an association with diet was noticed in these new cases. Most were being fed that Dr. Lisa Freeman, veterinarian and nutritionists calls BEG diets – Boutique companies, Exotic ingredients, or Grain-free diets. It’s common for owners to think what is good for us is good for our pets, but that’s not always true. We think c

Heartworm Awareness

We always encourage monthly prevention and regular heartworm tests to ensure your pet is not at risk for the deadly disease. Dr. Meuth has given us his input on the topic: As spring has now sprung, we see lots of new life. Lawns greening up, gardens sprouting, and flowers blooming. One other new life is the return of the mosquito in large numbers. Heartworms and the disease they spread are introduced to our pets by these mosquitos. Both dogs and cats get heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is one of the most common and devastating diseases veterinarians in our area see. We literally live in one of the worst areas in the USA. It’s the large number of mosquitoes that make this area so problem

When is it time to cross The Rainbow Bridge?

The toughest question in any pet parent’s life is: “When is it time to cross the Rainbow Bridge?” The parting is tough because our friendships are full of unconditional love and unwavering loyalty. We are no strangers to the emotional toll it takes on families and our pets when the time has come to say goodbye to our best friends. We would like to take the time today to let our clients know that we offer our complete euthanasia services to take place in the comfort of your home. This eases the stress on pets and their families when spending those last moments together. The at-home setting can alleviate anxiety and provide privacy by removing a busy clinic setting. Feel free to give us a ca

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