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Microchipping Your Pet

We hope that our clients never experience the grief and panic of finding their fur baby lost, but it is a grim reality we have faced over and over. We will provide tips to follow if your family finds themselves in this situation, but perhaps the best way to ensure your pets get returned back to you is getting them microchipped. At Abshier-Meuth Animal Hospital, and our associate offices, we utilize the HomeAgain Microchip Package. The procedure is nearly painless and takes no longer than getting a regular injection. It can be done at any time during the pet’s lifetime, with vaccines or on its own. The small microchip implant is nearly the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the ski

Pets and Dental Care

This month let’s talk about a subject that is too often overlooked: pet oral care. Oral health doesn’t just affect the mouth. In humans and dogs, studies show a strong association between oral disease and both heart and kidney disease. As humans, we have one set of adult teeth and this set of teeth requires a lot of care. We don’t get a do-over if we let them rot away – we don’t get another natural set. This makes maintenance vitally important. Dogs and cats are the same as us. They, too, only have one set of adult teeth and as their caretakers, part of our responsibility is their oral health. So, what can we do at home? Brushing: The best thing we can do for our pets is brush their teeth. J

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