Vet Blog

From the desk of Dr. Greg Abshier:

June 15, 2021

It is with extreme mixed emotions that I am announcing that today was my last day as a veterinarian at Abshier-Meuth Animal Hospital.

This decision brings moments of sadness and jubilation. I have been so blessed to spend the last 37 years either trying to become a veterinarian or getting to be one. I decided in the seventh grade that this was what I wanted to do and never wavered from that goal. Reading those James Herriot books only made the dream more real. I wanted to become a veterinarian because I thought it would be so incredible to help those creatures out who didn't have a voice to tell me what was wrong with them. The thing I never initially realized, was that having the honor to care for those four-legged family members was so much more rewarding to me than my care was for them. I realized that being a veterinarian was a gift and I was so lucky to meet and interact with some many animals and equally important so many people that truly became so dear to me. I would always tell students when I had the opportunity to do career days, that being a veterinary is not just an animal care job, it is a people business. Having the chance to interact with so many people that love their pets as much, and often more, than their own family members is a privilege.

Since opening the doors of the practice in the little blue building in front of Pinehurst, I am so honored for the chance to work with so many incredible team members through the years. It was with great sadness this year that we were unable to have our annual Christmas party due to Covid, for this was always the chance to share time with the entire families. No one was ever just an employee; we were all a family with the common goal of wanting to take the best possible care of every animal and client that walked through our doors. It is with great pride that this is still so visible today in each team member. I am so grateful that patients and clients will continue to receive that passionate care from our outstanding team going forward. Dr. Meuth, Dr. Wroten, Dr. Nailon and Dr. Wysocki will continue to provide the same awesome care that has always been part of Abshier-Meuth Animal Hospital.

I am excited about the next chapter in my personal family's lives. Cheryl and I have the opportunity to move back to College Station so we can be somewhat closer to our future grandson, while still remaining close to our families. I am sure Cheryl will be ready to start mentoring at the local elementary and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do some mentoring at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Thanks for all the love. Blessings to each of you and your incredible four-legged family members.

God Bless and be safe. Greg